A Year in Review

I haven’t written anything in quite a while and I have to confess that I have suffered from a bit of writer’s block. Not that there aren’t a ton of topics out there, I just have not felt the passion to write about any of them. So, I decided to write a little more personal blog about some things that are going on in my life and at Thomas Chiropractic. If this totally bores you, please send me ideas of topics!

I wrote an article several months ago about my knee. Back in March, I completely tore my ACL and tore both menisci. I felt sucker punched after the MRI and wrote this article about the pros and cons of surgery. I eventually had the surgery and was doing really well. That is the story most people know. In September, about a week after I was cleared by my doctor to start pushing the rehab on my knee a little more, things went awry. I was about knee deep in a pool standing on a baja shelf.  I went to go in a little deeper and expected the step to be about a foot and a half when, in fact, it was more like two and half feet. My knee buckled and became significantly loose. I went back to my orthopedist, Dr. Hansen, who said it felt like the ACL was torn again. The MRI was inconclusive but because the knee was so loose, we scheduled surgery. On December 28th, I had the ACL re-done. It was 90% torn which is why it was so lax. I have been able to work with my brace on and I have committed to only walking on level surfaces and taking it easy for the next 4 months at least. If that doesn’t kill me first, I am optimistic of a full recovery in about a year.

October brought a new addition to my family. Nora Allison Thomas was born October 4th at Sutter Roseville. Dr. David Scates delivered her by C-section. My wife, Michal, was in the hospital with complications the week before. This was her sixth C-section. The final count on children is in this order, three boys and three girls. All have recovered and we are finally starting to get some sleep. I did say final, right? Yes, we have six children. Yes, we are busy and crazy. Yes, we know how these things work. And, yes, we are definitely done. I take Bill Cosby’s response when people ask me why we had six kids, “Because we did not want seven!”

If you have been in the office during the last six months, you may have met Dr. Matthew Huseboe. Dr. Huseboe is establishing his practice here in Thomas Chiropractic. He has done a great job covering for me during the surgeries and for a few needed days off. I have had positive reviews from my patients when he has covered for me so, rest assured knowing you are still in good hands when I take some time off. Dr. Huseboe is skilled in a wide array of techniques but specializes in adjusting the upper cervical spine.

This past year was my most successful year to date. Since moving to this office in October 2010, we have more than doubled the number of patients seen in a week. I am so grateful for patients who appreciate good health through chiropractic and are willing to share with others my vision of it. I am looking forward to another great year of helping even more people. Thank you to all who have helped and continue to support me on this journey. I wake up every morning looking forward to adjusting more people to better health.


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