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Congratulations to Teresa B. who just won free chiropractic care for the entire month of March!

If you want to win free care for April, check out the blog from time to time and make a comment. I will take all of the people who commented and put their name in the drawing March 27th. Winners will be notified by email.

Why Isn’t Everyone a Regular Chiropractic Patient?

Please help me out if you will. I am trying to wrap my brain around what patients think? Maybe I have failed as a doctor in educating people about their health. Maybe it is just a time thing. Maybe it is a financial thing. Maybe it a combination of all of the above or something different all together. Whatever it is, please share your opinion!

Over the 6 years I have been in practice in Roseville, I have had thousands of new patients. Some come once or twice just to check it out or get some relief, some go through a full course of treatment designed to restore function, and some continue to receive regular adjustments long after function is restored. I also  have plenty of patients who come in every so often when they are hurting, get a few adjustments and then I won’t see them again until that or another problem comes back. My burning question is why? If a patient knows that regular chiropractic care will help them maintain proper function which will in turn help maintain better health, why doesn’t everyone come in regularly for an adjustment?

For the record, I know I have had some patients who came in and just felt like chiropractic was not, for whatever reason, their thing. I am also sure, though it is hard to believe (insert tongue in cheek) that a very small number of patients may have not enjoyed their experience in my office or just didn’t feel like it was a good fit. I get those. There have even been some patients that I wasn’t able to help. It happens. The patients that really puzzle me are the ones who are getting good results and then disappear. No return phone calls or emails. They were doing great and then gone. Finally, the next most baffling patient is the one who goes through the time and expense of restoring their function and then decides not to maintain.

If you are in one of these categories, especially, let me know. Is there an incentive I can offer? What can I do to help you be as healthy as you want to be. For those of you who have never been adjusted, all I can say is you should really discover what you are missing.

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Custom Orthotics from a Chiropractor? For $150? Sign Me Up!

ATTENTION: Unfortunately, we longer provide the service of creating custom orthotics. The equipment we were using broke down and the manufacturer went out of business. We are still looking for a comparable system. Thank you for your understanding. 

At the behest of many of my patients who didn’t know but now do, I offer custom orthotics in my office. I feel compelled, however, to educate you on what a good orthotic is  and how you could benefit from it.

There are 3 different types of orthotics, generally speaking: non-custom, custom casted for the perfect stance, and custom evaluated for the perfect gait.

The first is the non-custom orthotic. These are the Dr. Scholl’s, SuperFeet or the kind from the Good Feet Store. Some can be a very good and beneficial product. Dr. Scholl’s are mostly just a padding to decrease shock absorption. SuperFeet and orthotics from the Good Feet Store are a lot more substantial and can

actually improve the way you walk or stand. The only issue I have with the Good Feet Store is the cost. You are paying custom prices (very expensive in my opinion) for non-custom or semi-custom orthotics. The semi is just because they have a wide selection for the salesperson to fit you as best as possible.

Custom orthotics created to mold the foot into the perfect stance is by far what most podiatrists use. They manipulate the foot and hold it in what is called taler neutral, basically, the ideal position of the foot. Then they make a cast which will be the mold to create the orthotic. Another method is to have you stand on a plaster or foam mold from which they create an orthotic. Typically, the orthotic is made of a hard plastic with no flexibility to keep the foot in the same position.

Either way, this method, in this doctor’s opinion, is outdated and shortsighted. The foot is designed to be flexible. When we walk, the perfect gait is for the heel to strike. Then, the arch flattens out while the foot pronates (flattens inward). Ideally, the flattening of the foot stretches the plantar fascia which creates a taut spring. When the pressure is released, the spring

pushes off  the big toe to the next step. When you put in a piece of hard plastic, you negate the action of the foot. Essentially, you make your foot into a post. You take away the foot’s ability to absorb shock or act as a dynamic player while walking or running. The shock has to be absorbed by something. If the foot cannot absorb shock then it will certainly transfer to the knee, hip, or low back. Plus, it forces those other structures to compensate for the altered mechanics. Who cares if the foot is in a perfect position when you stand still? We are mobile creatures who need to move and function.

The best type of orhtotic and hence, the type I offer in my office, is the kind that corrects the gait. Often times, for various reasons, the foot doesn’t perform the way it should. It makes sense to me to help it work the way it was intended and designed. When we create an orthotic we take into consideration the stance and the gait. We have a digital plate that captures the pressure and the pattern of your stance and your gait. The goal is now to create a flexible and dynamic orthotic that will assist your foot in behaving the way it should.

Not everyone needs orthotics. Every time you add external devices there will be secondary and tertiary reactions. It is difficult to account for all of them. I have had plenty of patients who were wearing orthotics and complaining of all sorts of issues. I told them to take out the inserts and things resolved.  My first course of action when someone asks for an orthotic is to discuss why. Sometimes just adjusting the foot will take care of the foot issue. I also like to look at value. If a patient can resolve their issues with non-custom orthotic for $35, then paying $150 for a  custom pair might not seem worth it. That saying, if you need a custom pair of orthotics, they can be of tremendous benefit and can really preserve not only your foot but your knees, hips, and back, as well.

Post Script: Don’t let the price fool you. I could easily charge $300-600 for these orthotics (everyone else does). These are made by the same types of labs that do work for every doctor who works with orthotics. I keep my prices low because if people need them I want them to be able to afford them. Do I make much money from them? No. For now I am going to keep them at $150. I actually dropped them down from $200 because I switched to a direct lab and they only charge me around $100 per pair. If you want some, act quickly because the time it takes to gather the information is substantial and I will probably go back up to $200 again, soon (which is still a bargain).

It’s Not All About Pain, People!

Pardon my rant for moment and please consider what I am about to say. Pain is a symptom or an indicator. Pain is annoying. Pain can be frustrating. Pain can even be debilitating. Treating for pain, however, is a terrible way help someone get out of pain.

The origins of pain are not well understood and can be a very deep topic. That saying, from my study, most of our pain is distributed through the limbic center of the brain. The limbic system is really the emotional center of the brain. So, to me, pain is an emotional response. Ever notice that some people have a high pain threshold and others have little to none? Likewise, some cultures are very stoic about pain while others are extremely passionate. The very same stimulus can be applied but the reaction is completely different.

Don’t get me wrong. Pain is very real. I am not suggesting we write off anyone in pain with the idea that it is all in their head. What I am suggesting is that we keep pain in perspective. Bad pain does not always mean horrible damage. Likewise, some of the most serious damage to the human body can display very little pain. Furthermore, pain can be a good thing when it gives a warning that something can be harmful. Have you ever stepped on hot sand and immediately pulled away so you didn’t burn your feet? What if you were a diabetic with poor blood circulation and therefor poor feeling in your feet. Would you say that it was a good thing to burn your feet because you couldn’t feel it? Of course not!

Rather than focus on the pain of an injury, I like to focus on the rehabilitation or function. If we only treated for pain, very few people would ever recover. Rehabilitating an injury whether chronic or acute can be painful. Let me say that again, TREATMENT CAN BE PAINFUL!  Sometimes we have to break down a lot of scar tissue. This will be painful. When you are dealing with functional and physical medicine, like chiropractic, the end result is to get you functional which will eventually lead to less pain. By the way, this takes time.

Please don’t kid yourself that you can rehabilitate an injury without pain or discomfort. It is just not how the body works. Would you expect to work with a personal trainer to get in shape and never feel soreness or fatigue? Instead, focus on improving function and accept pain for what it is. In the words of the Dred Pirate Roberts aka Westley from The Princess Bride, -“Life is pain, your highness. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something.”

The New Look, and a New Promotion!

Hey everyone, welcome to my new blog design. We have been working on it for quite a while and finally got it up and running. I hope you will take the time to read the articles and information on the various pages. I firmly believe that patients who are well educated stay healthier and are able to make informed decisions about their health. In addition, questions and discussion are vital to the learning process. A blog is the perfect arena for such learning and growth.

To encourage you to read and comment, I have come up with what I think is a generous promotion. Here is the plan: Each month I plan on posting several articles. I love it when people make comments or ask questions. So, everyone who makes a comment on a blog post will be entered into a drawing on the 27th of every month. The winner of the drawing will be awarded FREE Chiropractic Care for the entire following month. That’s right, a month’s worth of Chiropractic Care here at Thomas Chiropractic all for just commenting on a blog post!

Just to clarify, I might post several articles in a month. You can comment on each blog post which will give you better odds to win. Feel free to comment as many times on a blog post as you would like, but I am only going to count one comment per blog post for the contest. Looking forward to the good discussion!

Watch Me on “Good Day Sacramento”!

Spread the word! Tune into “Good Day, Sacramento” from 8:00-10:00 am on Tuesday, November 30th to watch me talk all about posture. As you know, I love to educate people on their health. Let’s boost the ratings of the already popular morning show to demonstrate how important chiropractic is to maintain proper nerve function and overall wellness.
In related news, I will be available to treat patients Tuesday November 3oth from 11:00 or 11:30am until 12:30pm (Tuesday afternoons are off). And finally, Wednesday, December 1st is the first Wednesday of the month so I will be attending my Roseville Chamber Ambassador Lunch and closing for lunch from 11:30-2:00pm (normally 12:30-2).
Thanks for all your support!

My Thanks to Those Who Have and Still Keep Us Safe

Happy Veterans Day! In honor of those who keep us safe here in the greatest country in the world and those who have preserved our freedom in the past, and to thank you for your service, I have decided to make a special offer for today only.

FREE adjustments for veterans and active military personnel.
FREE 1st visit and adjustment for veterans and active military personnel if you call today and set up your appointment. Office phone: 780-1370
Mention the Veterans Day Offer!
Thank you!

Headaches! What a pain in the neck.

Headaches are one of the more common ailments I see in my office on a daily basis. They range from minor irritation to full blown disability. The tricky thing about working with headaches is that there are so many things that can cause a headache. By far, however, the most common cause of headaches is neck dysfunction.

A headache that is caused by dysfunction in the neck is called a cervicogenic headache (cervico = neck, genic = derived from). It is estimated that 70% of all headaches are cervicogenic and that many other headaches are often triggered as a result of neck dysfunction. Based on the patients I treat with headaches I would concur.
When the neck becomes dysfunctional through injury or slow progressing trauma like posture, the nerves that exit the spinal cord in the neck get irritated. This irritation is transferred to the structures innervated by the neck like the muscles that connect the head to the rest of the body and the blood vessels that go to and from the brain. When these structures do not function as a result of improper nerve signals, they send a warning system in the form of pain, muscle spasm and either increased or decreased blood flow.
So, one of the best ways to treat headaches is to improve the function of the neck. Chiropractic is the best thing I know of to help improve joint and thereby nervous system function. More than likely when these things are taken care of, the patient either has a marked decrease in either the frequency or the severity of their headaches or the headaches resolve altogether.
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This is the last week in the old place. It has been fun but I am ready to move to a nicer place with better parking. I am moving this Friday and Saturday (any and all help those two days is welcome) and will be up and running Monday October 4th.

The new address is: 720 Sunrise Avenue, Suite 104
Roseville, CA 95661

It is just a few blocks down the street on the same side as the old office. Look for wrought iron fencing between the two creeks.

It’s Pro Football Season in Sacramento! (Win FREE tickets)

You gotta love football season! The cooler weather, tailgating, the excitement of the game. This year, I have been privileged to help out Sacramento’s brand new United Football League team, the Sacramento Mountain Lions as their chiropractor. They are coached by Dennis Green and their quarterback is 3 time Pro Bowler in the NFL, Daunte Culpepper.

As the team chiropractor, I will get to be on the field helping the medical and training staff keep the players healthy. As such, my tickets to each game need to be used by someone else. So, I am giving away two tickets to this coming Sacramento Mountain Lions game on Saturday at 8pm. To win, leave a comment about why it you would like to go. I’ll take all the names and draw the lucky winner by the end of Friday. Sometime Saturday we’ll make arrangements to get you the tickets. If you are not already a follower of my blog, please become one so I will have a way of contacting you if you win. Good luck!