Your First Visit
What to expect

Your First Visit

Intake Forms

The first step for a new chiropractic patient is to fill out the initial intake forms. Our staff is always available to help or answer any questions you may have.



The next step is to begin your health education. Dr. Thomas believes that the more you understand about your health the better equipped you will be to improve it. In order to help you understand your body, he will ask pertinent health questions.

In addition, because we know that the body functions as one great whole, it is important to share all of your health goals and concerns. This includes previous trauma, internal organ symptoms or conditions, as well as spinal and joint concerns.



To help determine how well your body is functioning, Dr. Thomas will perform a thorough examination. This exam will include neurological, strength, and posture tests including palpation and range of motion studies.

All of these tests are designed to reveal proper or improper function and structure of the entire body.



In many cases the chiropractic exam includes x-rays. Dr. Thomas takes digital, standing x-rays to reveal the natural form and shape of your spine in what is called weight-bearing position.

X-rays will allow Dr. Thomas to determine if you have disc degeneration, scoliosis, or any other pathology that will help him determine appropriate recommendations for treatment.