Have We Lost Our Minds Over a Virus?

Are you buying the hype of the Swine Virus? The media is completely outdoing themselves on this one and people are panicking like Chicken Little. I just heard that in Egypt, where there are no reported case, they just slaughtered thousand of, you guessed it, swine.

Please be rational about this. First of all, thousands of people die every year from ordinary viruses. So, it makes no sense to get worked up over a new one; they are all new. Second, we have an immune system for a reason. Keep yours in good working order and you will be fine even if you are exposed. Even if the virus gets a hold of you it will probably just feel like a bad flu. Take care of yourself and your body will fight it off better than any anti-virus medication.

And, if your immune system is compromised then wash your hands frequently and avoid crowded places. But please, stop stressing over this, it will only weaken your immune system.


  1. the hype is really annoying. the media makes the biggest deal about the two people in the US who have died– how many people died this year from the seasonal flu? i guarantee you it was more. and don’t get me started on the flu shots.

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