Holiday Stress and Chiropractic

I probably should not admit it but, “National Lampoon’s, Christmas Vacation” is one of my favorite Christmas shows. There are few actors who pull off a complete melt-down like Chevy Chase. I think we can all relate at some level with Clark W. Griswold as it concerns the stresses and strains of the Holiday Season.

There are several reasons why stress levels rise around the holidays. Day Light Savings ends forcing us to change our internal clocks. Day light decreases unti the 21st of December. The weather changes, creating all sorts of issues with cold and pressure. We are busier with parties, school plays and concerts, and all the prep work for the holidays. Shopping. Finally, there can be an overwhelming pressure to make sure this time of year is  special. All of these things can make the Holdiays a very stressful time, indeed.

Here is my advice to help deal with the holiday stress and especially how chiropractic can help. From a mental health point of view, first, remember to keep things in perspective. The spirit of the season is, after all, one of celebration and giving. Also, things are great, but people are much more important.

From a health stand point, sleep and daylight are very important. It is getting darker earlier so, go to bed earlier! Countless studies have shown the benefits of good sleep and low stress. Your body needs time to rest. Patterning your schedule to the sun and not just the clock can make a difference. With the days being shorter, be sure to get some sun light. Light from the sun helps produce a useable form of vitamin D which affects the production of seretonin. Seretonin helps maintain a positive mood. Some of you will go to work in the dark, work in a cubicle all day and go home in the dark. Be sure to take a lunch break and go outside to soak up some sunlight for at least 10 minutes. Seretonin, by the way, also helps boost the immune system so it will help fight off all of the viruses that tend to be more prevalent this time of year.

One of the biggest issues with stress is that it creates a vicious cycle. When there is emotional stress it creates physical stress. During physical stress the postural muscles tense which causes joints not to move as freely. Blood flow is altered and the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated causing an increase in adrenaline and cortisol. This physcial stress can lead to pain which causes emotional stress and the cycle continues. Getting adjusted will help break the cycle. Chiropractic adjustments work at the joint level to restore proper balance to the sympathetic nervous system. If you are feeling stressed, it is time to come in and get adjusted.



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