In This Doctor’s Humble Opinion, Personal Choice is Vital for Health!

You haven’t read it in the paper because they are not printing it. You haven’t seen it on the news because they refuse to cover it. Your representative hasn’t talked about it and the State is not discussing it openly but your rights are being usurped. AB 2109 is passing through the legislature without much press. What is AB 2109? Let me tell you… please!

Currently, in the State of California, you have a choice when it comes to vaccinating your children. I am not going to go into the argument as to whether you should or should not vaccinate. That is a decision that you need to research and do what you feel is best. Regardless of how you feel, right now you have a choice. You can get your child vaccinated, you can talk to your doctor and get a waiver signed saying that vaccination is a health risk for your child, or you can sign the waiver stating that you personally have a philosophical issue with vaccinating your child.

AB 2109 eliminates the possibility of claiming a philosophical concern. What is particularly egregious is that they have worded it so that you can still claim a philosophical opposition, but you have to get it signed by your medical doctor. Yes, you read that correctly. If you have a philosophical issue with vaccinating your child, you must get a doctors note. Don’t ask me to explain it. Why an MD is the authority on a person’s philosophy or religion is the most ridiculous notion our state government has tried to pass. Furthermore, medical boards are investigating and threatening medical doctors who routinely sign exemptions. People, this is a thinly veiled law to force vaccinations!

It has gone through the House. It was passed by the Appropriations Committee without much discussion or truth. Now it is going to our senators. This has to be stopped. The problem is that the Democrats who are the majority are all voting for AB 2109. I tell you this so that if you feel as I do that forced government vaccinations (or anything for that matter) is wrong, you can stand up and let your representative know that this bill is not the will of the people. We need people who live in areas where a democrat is their representative to plead with them to not just vote with the party but actually consider the ramifications of this bill. We are in the 11th hour on this one. Will you stand up for your right to choose?

Soon, the bill will head from the Assembly to the Senate.  If you want to see this bill stopped, it is very important that you contact your Senator and let your opposition to AB 2109 be known.  You can sign up at NVIC’s advocacy portal to stay updated, and to find your Senator’s contact information:
Additionally, there is an online petition that is circulating that needs many more signatures and there is a FaceBook page for this bill:
Here is a more detailed link about this bill and why it is a violation of our rights.


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