Once You Start Chiropractic You Can NEVER Stop! Muaw, aw, aw, aw!

In your profession is there a comment or question you get asked a lot that just sets you off? For me it is someone trying to tell me that once you start chiropractic care you can never stop. It is so ridiculous that I often respond, “I once had a patient who quit and she died the next day.”

Seriously, what do people think is going to happen? The truth is that when you go through a course of treatment your body gets used to functioning properly. Over time, as you put wear and tear on your body, things start to become dysfuncitonal. When things are dysfunctional long enough it produces symptoms. To add insult to injury, when you have been adjusted and know what it is like to feel well, it is more obvious when things are not functioning.
I usually encourage patients to do a maintenance program after their functional correction program. This program consists of getting adjsusted on a regular basis to maintain function. When you become dysfunctional enough to feel symptoms the damage is already done. The art of maintaining is keeping things functional so that you don’t feel symptoms.
With this in mind, the real question is once you start chiropractic care, why would you want to stop?


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