Stellar Article Review!

I read this great article review by Dan Murphy, one of the leading chiropractic researchers. If you have the chance, click on this link for his review. If everyone read and understood what this article is about, my office and every other chiropractor in the world would be flooded with patients. Here are just a few bullet points from the article if you don’t want to read the whole article review. I added a few notes in orange to help clarify some things:

1) Curvatures of the spine adversely affect the sympathetic nervous system.

2) The sympathetic nervous system controls the blood supply to the viscera, and
is therefore related to all manner of visceral diseases and pathology, and
specifically, “the ordinary diseases of adult life.” (Visceral means organ)

3) Visceral diseases and pathology can be traced back to the segmental levels of
sympathetic involvement with nearly 100% correlation. (For example: Nerves that are irritated in the low back cause bowel and reproductive organ dysfunction, mid back=heartburn, neck=thyroid, etc.)

4) Prolonged abnormal spinal posture stretches the sympathetic nervous system,
firing the sympathetics, causing reduced blood supply to visceral organs, and
resulting in visceral pathology. (Irritation causes decreased blood flow to organs which causes problems)

5) Abnormal spinal curvatures precede organic visceral diseases. (Sit up Straight!)

6) The author perfectly describes pelvic-lumbar subluxations, fibrosis, reduced
motion, and sympathetic nerve interference adversely influencing blood flow and
resulting in visceral pathology. (Read my previous article to find out about subluxation)

7) Spinal disease precedes old age and to cause old age.

8) Stiff distorted spines cause sympathetic irritation, vascular spasm, arterial
hardening, and old age follows. (Motion is Life, get up and do something physical!)

9) A person is as old as his spine.

10) Postural distortions causing sympathetic dysfunction can be treated with
fulcrum-assisted reversal of the postural distortion. [Incredible] (Adjustments work!)

11) This author references both osteopathic and chiropractic literature in his


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