Temporary Change in Hours

We are staying open but changing hours and staff until the crisis is over. We will be closed on Saturdays. Starting Monday, March 23rd, our new hours will be 9-12:30 and 2-6 Monday-Friday. Monday with Dr. Wagnon, Tuesday with Dr. Thomas, Wednesday morning with Dr. Thomas, Wednesday afternoon with Dr. Wagnon, Thursday with Dr. Wagnon, Friday with Dr. Thomas.

Dr. Karp and Dr. Saechao will join us again when the crisis is over and we can return to our normal schedule. Please, adhere to the recommendations given by our health leaders and come in only for essential care. Those with symptoms, please do not come in. Call 916-780-1370 from your car if you need our special quarantine room. For those who can only come Saturdays, please text or call me at 916-412-2136. If I can make arrangements to help you safely, I will.

Let us all be vigilant in our defense against this virus. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are struggling in so many ways.


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