See what our patients are saying!

I was in need of very special care before I came to Dr. Thomas, and I am now receiving the care that I have been looking for, for ten years. I haven’t felt this good in years. I can do so much more now than before. From head to toe, nothing goes untouched if you’re having problems. All you have to do is mention to Dr. Thomas what kind of problem you have and he will go the extra mile to get you on the right track back to health. This office has a great family feeling all the time.
-Dennis Moore

I suffer from Fibromyalgia. I had such bad neck and shoulder pain that I couldn’t sleep at night and always felt tired. I started out coming three times a week, then twice a week, and now I come once a week. I feel so much better now. My neck and shoulder pain is pretty much gone, and only flares up once in a while. I had never believed in Chiropractic care before. But I am a firm believer now! Dr. Thomas has done wonders for me and I actually feel younger than I did last year!
-Sharon Moore

I suffered from severe/acute lower back pain. After a series of intense adjustments, I am back to exercising like I did 25 years ago! Dr. Thomas is a doctor. With a broad medical knowledge base and has tremendous continuity that blends exceedingly well with treatment modalities of medical doctors. Dr. Thomas is very personal and personable. I realize why I’m here, but it is also like visiting friends.
-Tim Bauer

When I came to see Dr. Thomas I was suffering from a lot of lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain due to weight gain in my pregnancy. After a couple visits my back pain was so much better, and toward the end of my pregnancy weekly visits eliminated my pain.
-Staci Cohen

I started seeing Dr. Thomas because I had neck and back pain and my wife saw him when she was pregnant with our daughter. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Thomas. I was happy with how thoroughly he adjusted me. I had been adjusted by other Chiropractors and no one else had spent the time to ensure my well being. I had been diagnosed with TMJ and all of the medical doctors I saw told me I would have it for life with no cure. After four visits to Dr. Thomas my jaw has been healed with no problems for two years! He is the best in town. We used to drive all the way from Sacramento to get adjusted; now we live in Roseville and feel like family.
-Nick Cohen

I have had a long standing low back condition for which I have already had surgery. As a result, I had been seeing a massage therapist weekly to help me deal with the tightness and pain in my low back. After several months, she noticed that my body was beginning to shift and recommended that I see a chiropractor right away. A friend from work referred me to Dr. Thomas. Since the first day, I have been impressed with all aspects of his practice. I appreciate his demeanor and his friendly and helpful staff. The staff welcomes me by first name and truly makes me feel like they want to help me improve my health and quality of life. I usually get treated once a week but sometimes twice depending on my discomfort and the stresses of my job. Since going, I feel looser and my muscles are not as tight as they used to be. I would definitely refer my family and friends to Dr. Thomas. In fact, I referred my husband almost immediately and he is now a patient, as well. If anyone asked, I would tell them that at first, having no experience going to a chiropractor, I was petrified, but now, I am so grateful he was able to help me so much!
-Rachelle Stuch

When I started being treated by Dr. Thomas, I was not walking straight or erect, and I had also hurt my right shoulder. I am now walking erect and have a straight up profile. I don’t get as tired as easily as I had before treatment by Dr. Thomas. My shoulder is much better and has a larger freedom of motion with less pain. I am sixty-one years young and feel much improved by the healing treatments I have received from Dr. Thomas. I have more treatments to be done, and each one brings me closer to good health. I will continue to see Dr. Thomas until I am in better health, and will continue in order to maintain good health.
-Larry Mireles

After seeing Dr. Thomas for regular adjustments I no longer suffer from lower back pain.
-Lupe Mireles

I told Dr. Thomas that he is my savior. Without him I would probably be confined to a motorized wheelchair. Before I began seeing him, I could hardly walk without a walker or stand for a long period of time. Now I am a completely different person. I am walking well. Dr. Thomas is a dedicated professional with a great personality. He always makes me laugh, and is always trying to help me achieve better health.
-Shirley Summerson

Dr. Thomas is the best kept secret in Roseville. He is very knowledgeable and concerned about people. I was in an auto accident and was treated for whiplash and major headaches. Three weeks into treatment my condition has improved drastically. By continuing to provide the same high level of care I feel invited and like a person, not a dollar sign like in other doctor’s offices I’ve been to.
-Sarah Roe

Dr. Thomas was recommended to me by Shirley Summerson. She gave a glowing description of his ability and I was impressed. I always feel so much better after an adjustment, and he has made it so that I am able to turn my head easily and my overall wellbeing is so much better. He is talented and caring and the staff always makes you fell welcome.
-Mitzi Gotcher

When I first brought my daughter Maria to Dr. Thomas’ office she was wetting the bed every night. Once he recommended a treatment for her of three days a wek, we started to notice a change after the first week. Once she had been going to you by the second week she could make it days without an accident. However she was not only affected with her wetting with your help but she was also showing noticeable signs of self confidence and pride. I am so thank ful to you for that. Maria tells everyone about her Dr. Thomas and how she loves him. Not only have you helped her confidence but you have been a wonderful help to her social and physical well-being! As of July 29th Maria has only has three accidents, and that means in six weeks she has only had three accidents. That is more than 90% success and we are confident that your tratment will succeed all of our expecations.
-Christine Pasco

I love to play golf and was not able to because of the severe back pain I had. Dr. Thomas has been a miracle for me. I have seen many Chiropractors and none have helped me like he has. Very quick results. The staff is wonderful, warm , friendly and fun. I cant tell you how happy I am to have found this doctor.
-Wayne Walton

Generally I am not a big fan of chiropractors but not long ago I found myself in a situation where I had to get a firsthand experience. And it changed my opinion forever. My elderly mother (in her late 60’s) hurt her back a couple months back while lifting a bookcase (I know, but she is German and tough as nails) and after bearing insatiable pain for four days she reluctantly called me for a ride to the doctor (she doesn’t drive). I took her to her regular General Practitioner, one that had been my father’s doctor of choice prior to his passing. This sad case of a medical professional proceeded to prod her once in the back with his finger and states “it’s a little tender isn’t it” My mother never seeks medical attention so it must have been major. That wrapped up the exam and proceeded to push some pills on her. After her retelling the tale I was convinced to take action. My first call was to Dr. Jared Thomas, he was referred to me from a dance school instructor that raved about him and what he did for her dancers and their frequent injuries. The next day we were in his office. Although a younger doctor he had a comfort and confidence generally reserved for professionals his senior. He was thorough and attentive to the brutally painful state and all the while explained what he was doing and what was causing the pain. We proceeded to see him several times a week for about a month tops. My mother made quick advancements and even took on a basic routine of exercises and stretches Dr. Thomas recommended. Now she can often be seen prodding away at her garden and hasn’t had back pain or difficulty since. Many visits were covered under insurance and the initial visit was a mere $25.00. Finally a chiropractor that cares to heal and not just heal his bank statement! I can wholeheartedly vouch for the expert skills of this specific chiropractor and whenever someone asks, he is the first I recommend. In fact he is the only one I recommend.
-Michael R.

My legs were hurting and aching for a while, and then my back went out, The pain was horrible, I couldn’t stand straight or walk without help. Dr. Thomas and his staff were very friendly and I felt that Dr. Thomas really cares about his patients. Aftrer a few treatments my back was better and I could get back to work. After continuous treatment I am able to do my job better, picking up children, bending and walking.
-Rebecca Klein

I initially came to Dr. Thomas because of my back pain and bad posture. Dr. Thomas and his staff were very nice and made my back feel better and relaxed.
-Parker Vansickle

My back was hurting when I came to see Dr. Thomas. He has helped me feel much better both physically and mentally. I enjoy his wonderful care and he is a friendly good guy. He has great hours and is open on good days. He adds the personal touch to great Chiropractic care.
-Brent Frost

I initially started seeing Dr. Thomas for severe neck and shoulder pain. I was a referred by a couple of colleagues who highly recommended Dr. Thomas and his office. My first impression of Dr. Thomas and his staff was that they were very sharp and professional. It also made me feel comfortable that his office was similar to another chiropractor with whom I had good success, only Thomas Chiropractic seemed a little larger. Dr. Thomas started out with a complete consultation, exam and x-rays and then recommended a treatment program. At first I started at three times a week, then twice, and now once. I have experienced great improvement! I have much less pain, greater freedom of movement, fewer headaches, and overall feel much better. If someone asked me for a referral to a chiropractor I would tell them that Dr. Thomas is super! He and his staff are friendly, professional, and very competent.
-Jon McFarland

Before coming to Dr. Thomas I was a real mess. I had pain in both of my shoulders and in my right hip that extended all the way down the side of my leg or sometimes went up my lower back on the right side. I also woke up most mornings with a headache or would get one shortly upon rising. The pain in my hip would come and go and the intensity would vary, but when it was hurting a lot, it was difficult to walk, especially a fast walk. Because of my shoulders, dressing was difficult, as I couldn’t put my arms behind my back (ladies you understand). Even when it wasn’t hurting the thought of getting undressed was painful. To make matters worse, I normally find it most comfortable to sleep on my side. With both shoulders hurting, it was impossible to do, so I was forced to sleep on my back which would make my right hip hurt even more and would sometimes wake me out of a sound sleep. Needless to say, I was really frustrated.

My regular physician had me discontinue Motrin, which I had been relying on for many years, so I wasn’t taking anything for the pain. I had complained to my daughter about it and one day she came home and said “Mom, I’ve paid for an appointment with a chiropractor and you’re going!” So I made an appointment with Dr. Thomas. At my initial exam I asked him if he could help me and he said yes. My insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care but I had to do something because I felt my quality of life declining and even though I am a happy and positive person, there is only so much a person can take!

I started treatment with Dr. Thomas three times a week. He was very patient and gentle with me, as I was very apprehensive about the adjustments (what I call cracking). The first time he adjusted me, I made some strange noises and even weirder faces. But, I didn’t break and even started noticing that after two weeks I wasn’t waking up with a headache. My hip also started coming around and I started sleeping better. The hip even rarely hurt during the day. My shoulder was another story. It took about six weeks for them to loosen up. Dr. Thomas said my left one was frozen and would take some time to fully recover. Well it has been a little over two months and my left shoulder is unfrozen! I have pretty much full range of motion in my right shoulder and just a little less in the left. I can sleep on my side for about an hour, now. I am now going to see Dr. Thomas twice a week and will shortly be down to once.

Financially, it was a little rough, but it is well worth it to live pain free again. I am so glad my daughter signed me up for the first visit. I am back to my happy self again. Not only is Dr. Thomas a great chiropractor but his staff is as friendly and as caring as he is. I would recommend Thomas Chiropractic to anyone, and I do! I also attended the New Patient Class and learned a lot about subluxations and how important it is to take care of your spine. I made the decision to make my health a priority and I am benefiting from it. I hope you take action, I am glad I did!
-Virginia Bracamonte

When I began to see Dr. Thomas I was suffering from sciatica in both legs and severe lower back pain. I had developed a severe cough during pneumonia that caused the sciatica and I had been suffering the back pain for over twenty years. I had to take some time off of work, stopped aerobics, line dancing and walking my dog. Since being treated by Dr. Thomas the sharp pain I had from the sciatica is gone. I had suffered for three years with it, and now its gone. My back still aches sometimes, but it is much better. I have been to four Chiropractors through the years. Dr. Thomas is the best Doctor that has ever adjusted me.
-Margaret Auld

I briefly went to another chiropractor before I came to see Dr. Thomas, but then my insurance changed and I had to locate a new doctor. I called a few chiropractic offices in my area but when I called Thomas Chiropractic I was taken by the kindness and enthusiasm. Then, Dr. Thomas picked up the phone to discuss my situation and concerns before I was even a patient. I was impressed with the staff and Dr. Thomas. I called on, then decided to go with my gut feeling and set my appointment for x-rays, examine and consultation with Thomas Chiropractic. Dr Thomas has also educated me on the importance of having a healthy spine. From the initial consultation, to the Spinal Health Care class, to the everyday questions, he wants to make sure you are informed. Everyone should take his SCC, it is very informative of how the spine and nerves interact with the rest of your body. As for my personal experience with Dr. Thomas’ treatment, I am proceeding quite well. When I first came to see Dr. Thomas, I could not turn my head very well, I could not walk straight or upright, I was not able to get around very well at all. I had quit doing a lot of the things that I really love and enjoy. Now my posture has improved, my hands do not hurt as much, and my TMJ is getting under control too. I still have a ways to go, but I am on the road to recovery and I have Dr. Thomas and his staff to thank. Thank you!
-Deanne Warren