Why Isn’t Everyone a Regular Chiropractic Patient?

Please help me out if you will. I am trying to wrap my brain around what patients think? Maybe I have failed as a doctor in educating people about their health. Maybe it is just a time thing. Maybe it is a financial thing. Maybe it a combination of all of the above or something different all together. Whatever it is, please share your opinion!

Over the 6 years I have been in practice in Roseville, I have had thousands of new patients. Some come once or twice just to check it out or get some relief, some go through a full course of treatment designed to restore function, and some continue to receive regular adjustments long after function is restored. I also  have plenty of patients who come in every so often when they are hurting, get a few adjustments and then I won’t see them again until that or another problem comes back. My burning question is why? If a patient knows that regular chiropractic care will help them maintain proper function which will in turn help maintain better health, why doesn’t everyone come in regularly for an adjustment?

For the record, I know I have had some patients who came in and just felt like chiropractic was not, for whatever reason, their thing. I am also sure, though it is hard to believe (insert tongue in cheek) that a very small number of patients may have not enjoyed their experience in my office or just didn’t feel like it was a good fit. I get those. There have even been some patients that I wasn’t able to help. It happens. The patients that really puzzle me are the ones who are getting good results and then disappear. No return phone calls or emails. They were doing great and then gone. Finally, the next most baffling patient is the one who goes through the time and expense of restoring their function and then decides not to maintain.

If you are in one of these categories, especially, let me know. Is there an incentive I can offer? What can I do to help you be as healthy as you want to be. For those of you who have never been adjusted, all I can say is you should really discover what you are missing.


  1. In this day and age AND economy, I believe the answer to most of your questions will boil down to money, plain and simple. I think you’ll find it’s the overwhelmingly #1 reason folks cut short the visits, don’t return, leave out of their lives chiropractic healing and health management. Sorry if this seams too straight forward, but that’s my opinion. Keep up your good work!

    1. Unc, I always prefer straightforward. I agree that money is the biggest issue. I actually think it is too broad to say money, though. In the end it is really about value which is a combination of money, wants, needs and priorities. I am brainstorming ways to encourage people to maintain.

      1. No doubt, Nef, that many other issues come into play. As I once heard, money isn’t everything, but it’s way ahead of whatever is in second place. If you can actually come up with a viable plan for families to avail themselves of your services affordably and educate them in the ways of healthy living, you’ll have them beating down your doors. We wish you all the success you richly deserve!

  2. Hi Dr. Thomas,

    For many years I would avoid Chiropractic care because I would hear that it is not “real” medical care. Well, whoever “They” were just didn’t get the whole concept of keeping the body healthy and inline before illness or pain has a chance to begin. I think much of this is because of the fact that pill Pushing has become such a huge business. In my opinion, getting in to your Chiropractor before your in the discomfort that might need medication is the key to a healthy happier life.
    Thank you for giving me that reality!!

  3. We love coming to get adjusted. Well, most of us. I think time plays a factor for us which sounds like a lame excuse. Money is also an issue.

    1. Kelly, every family has someone who dances to the beat of a different drummer 🙂 I am looking into the money issue and trying to come up with an affordable plan that families can use to maintain good health.

  4. Hey Doctor Thomas!
    As a fellow Chiropractor, I struggle with the same issues in my office with patients. I have come to the realization that most people are programmed that once they feel better, they should no longer have to maintain treatments. And i highly believe this is due to the way our health care
    System is set up in America. For example, insurance companies don’t pay for maintenance care, as this is deemed “medically unneccesary” in regards to Chiropractic care. So when patients hear this, and they are told that theu have to pay out of pocket, even though they have insurance, they would rather not (some of the time). However, when it comes to maintenance medications, such as taking blood pressure meds when you are only “border-line” hypertensive, IS a covered benefit? Go figure! Its tough for us Chiropractors to emphasize that health care is not about relieving pain, but preventing pain and staying healthy, when the media and thier medical doctors don’t emphasize this. Unfortunately, big Pharma has a hidden agenda to keep us Americans sick and get old enough to have a medicine cabinet that looks like a shelf at the local pharmacy.

  5. Dr. Thomas you were the 4th chiropractor i saw after I was injured in an accident. I had already shelled out hundreds of dollars and got no results with other doctors. After 1 adjustment with you I instantly was relieved of pain and regained feeling in my left arm. You wont be able to get rid of me now 🙂 I always feel better after an adjustment. Thanks for being so good at what you do.

  6. For our family, it is a time issue. With three active boys and traveling so much, our health sometimes takes a backseat. We find ourselves coming in only after the pain has become unmanageable. After reading your blog though, I was reminded that regular maintenance leads to better health and that I need to make more of an effort to get regular adjustments. Thank you Dr. Thomas!!

  7. Good Morning Dr. Thomas,

    For me it was fear of the snap, crackle, and pop. The unknowing of chiropractic function. With you educating me, giving me an insight and reasoning of adjustment I feel more inclined to receive care. Of course in this economy money is always as issue. You go beyond to help each individual out with financial matters. It helps a lot to know there is a professional out there that really cares about an individuals health. Maybe some educational classes would help your patients out.

  8. Good Morning Dr. Thomas,
    I think that everyone use the same excuse which is money and the economy. However being a patient of chiropractic for 30+ years I know that when I was first introduced to chiropractic my concerns were wanting to feel better. So as soon as I was feeling better I felt it was unnecessary to continue care. But then I was educated on health care and chiro-care and when I realized that in order to be healthy you need to live healthy. If I was willing to pay for inhalers and oral meds then why would I not be willing to pay for my adjustment. By doing preventative care I believe I have been able to spend less on medical bills than I would have without it.

    I just wish that more people would realize that by integrating chiro-care into their regular health-care regimen then they would reap the benefits also.

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